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RapidParser elevates CV Parsing to an art form.

So much knowledge and expertise goes into accurate and effective CV parsing. RapidParser has all the combined features one demands from a modern CV Parser.


RapidParser is significantly faster than comparable CV parsing systems and is able to process average CVs in well less than a second. This means that RapidParser can process up to 100,000 CVs per day while guaranteeing the highest quality results with a much faster recruitment process. Years of research and optimization in addition to the use of cutting edge developments in the fields of semantic systems and machine learning are at the core of this unprecedented ratio of speed to quality.


RapidParser offers a level of quality that matches or exceeds that of comparable CV parsing systems, thereby raising the benchmark for modern CV parsing. In spite of its breathtaking processing speed, RapidParser also boasts a recognition and error rate that is world class. This is possible due to years of research and development, potentially making RapidParser the most modern parsing system available.



Thanks to its international focus and the simultaneous development of RapidParser for multiple languages, our parser offers equally impressive quality in numerous languages. At present, RapidParser supports English, Romanian, Slovak, Dutch, Slovenian, Czech, Turkish, French, and Italian. Additional languages will continue to be added in the future, and existing customers can look forward to using them at no additional cost.


It is often asserted that CV parsing systems would require CVs specifically prepared in a certain format in order to guarantee the highest quality results. RapidParser does not need any of that!  Our system supports all standard formats for documents, such as PDF, DOC(X), ODT, XLS, WPF, and many more while being able to extract any type of formatting and font at the highest quality. Since not every applicant will adjust to the CV parsing system, the system has to adjust to the applicant!



CV parsing makes sense in pretty much any recruiting scenario, no matter if you want to process a thousand or a million CVs. That is why RapidParser offers the right service package for any given recruiting purpose. Should your requirements change, RapidParser is easily scalable to fit the size of your company!  Simply choose the service package that suits your current needs, and then modify it anytime that your requirements change.


RapidParser focuses on the essential elements of a CV and doesn’t waste time with the unnecessary parts. All of the relevant information will be extracted with the highest precision, keeping the result to a manageable size and allowing you to see what is important. This means that RapidParser`s result files are resource friendly and in that sense are also ideal for mobile recruiting. Reduce to the max!



Why should you pay the same price for a single page application as for a multi-page package? RapidParser offers page by page billing and a detailed listing of your conversions. This way we can guarantee full transparency. With RapidParser, there are no obscure pricing systems and no confusing bills. You are always in full control of your costs!


REST? SOAP? XML? JSON? No matter which standard is the right one for you, RapidParser supports it! This guarantees easy integration into your existing system. A vast collection of examples and templates allow you to start converting your first CVs within minutes, no matter what system and programming language you are working with. You don’t have to adjust to our system.  RapidParser will adjust to you!



RapidParser guarantees absolute data safety while also minimizing system downtimes thanks to redundant hosting in a high-safety data center. All data transfers are SSL encrypted. You can be sure that your data is in good hands and that our services will be available to you around the clock and at the highest quality.